For over a century, Hollywood has been the home to movies and your host, Leo Quinones, has been a Hollywood insider for over 35 years.

No other tour in Hollywood gives you the chance to spend 2-hours with a Hollywood Insider that has interviewed many of your favorite stars including Ryan Reynolds, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hanks, Spiderman, Halle Berry, Samuel L Jackson and more.

On the Film Freak Movie Locations Tour, Leo will share exclusive stories from his Hollywood career including a 20-year national radio show featuring celebrity interviews, hosting red carpet world premieres, and back stage moments as a correspondent for TV Guide Network and E! Entertainment Television’s red carpet Oscars show.   

The Film Freak Movie Locations Tour will take you to iconic locations from blockbusters films such as Once Upon a time in Hollywood, The Bodyguard, Iron Man 3, Zombieland, Rocketman and Back to the Future and more of your favorite movies. Leo is not a critic, he is just a guy who loves movies like you.

This is your chance to ask questions, learn Hollywood’s secrets, win prizes and spend time with a true Hollywood Insider. Grab your all access pass and take a ride through Hollywood with The Film Freak himself!

Experience the sights, sounds and stories of Hollywood … Ready, set, action!




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